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Discover Your Creative Self 

Creativity exists inside each and every one of us. I disagree with their thought those who believe they have no creative bone in their body. In my perspective they just haven't found it yet. 

Discover Your Creative Self
Discover Your Creative Self

Somebody is looking for the very thing you can offer to the world. You'll need to start digging though. When you turn every stone over I can guarantee you. They’re going to find it. There's no financial joy to it. You'll feel the happiness right in your heart. You’re going to find happiness, and those around you will appreciate you as well. But I've tried it all, you might think. I was thinking the same thing.

After that I started writing. I found myself exposed to a whole new world and freedom of thought. Many days it's not easy but when I push myself to get going, something starts to flow inside me.

Often it takes us to figure out what we do and then do it pressed up against the wall. My final suggestion to you is that if you don't know what you want. Do something creative till you have love. I can guarantee you that those around you will be left with a lasting effect.

A perfect way to start seeking your creative outlet is with a child-like, fun-loving attitude. Don't put yourself under pressure to find the right way, or make sure you’re doing something you're good at. Creation can be spontaneous, creative and pure dumb.

If you believed in fairies, if you chased imaginary friends around your garden, take yourself back to those times. Even if you were a serious kid, now is the time to let that inner child out, free to run wild and have a much-needed laugh.

When you're creating you might create a mess. Outside the lines you might make a mistake or colour. Just because you're an adult doesn't mean you need to let the child vanish in you – the kid will actually inspire you in ways you've never imagined.

Should not get caught up in what your song sounds like, what it looks like in your drawing, or even how well you can model clay kittens. That will only add tension to the process and muddy the basic essence of creativity, which is your own voice! Crafting is about enjoying the process, not adding to your stressful life any more anxiety.

We are all imaginative in spite of what we are conditioned to believe. Despite the different theories we have out there about creativity, we all have our own personal creative process. But do you know well enough about your creative-self?

Both self-awareness and creativeness are essential human needs. Self-awareness gives us a better understanding of ourselves, and creativity allows us to express our essence. Yet we have to pause and focus on our own lives from time to time, to put things in order. We learn things about ourselves during this process because we've found things that we didn't even remember were there. This can be a recollection of childhood, something someone once said, a book you read a long time ago or a place you used to go to and never went again.

Our creative process works the same way: if we pay attention, we can find that we have behavioral habits; things that we want to do in this process, something special, whether it's a desire for a quiet office or sitting on a park bench on a sunny day. Each has preferences where getting new ideas is more fun, or at least placing the old ones in the right place.

Creativity is the link between our mind and reality, between the Worlds of ideas. It helps us to imagine and evaluate the possibilities and make our everyday life a little easier and more enjoyable. Though some still believe that they are not imaginative, believe me, they are deeply wrong.

Knowing our creative process is central to our professional life, in particular. Our imaginative process involves not just our inventions but everything we do: finding the best way to work, preparing something new, creating a spreadsheet in a simpler way or inventing a solution to keep your refrigerator running.

Everybody has Creativity. The way you deal with your needs and chances is a creative manifestation. Try to invent your creative self. Struggle until you find your creative side.

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