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My name is AHMAD RIZWAN from Pakistan and I am the founder and Administrator of this blog. I am a book lover and reading different kinds of books, is my hobby.

The book is called man's best friend. But in today's advanced age, man has become quite distant from his best friend. Today's man spends his free time sitting in front of television, cable and internet. The tendency to read books, especially by buying, is diminishing. One of AHMAD RIZWAN aims is to get people to read books again. To that end, AHMAD RIZWAN offers you free books and novels.

The https://www.rizwanahmadonline.com was launched on 25 June 2020 by the blogger himself. This blog provides articles of my own and also provides books based on Islam, History, Poetry and novels of various kinds i.e. History novels, Romantic novels, Humorous novels and Kids novels both in Urdu and English languages. Many of Islamic books are satisfied but there are some controversial books. So before reading an Islamic book you should ask your local Islamic scholar about the author of the book and its reading. Hence the blogger will not be responsible for any controversial idea presented in the book by the writer.

All books, novels and articles are provided purely for educational and research purpose, please do not abuse the service by using it for commercial, professional or any other un-ethical purpose. The AHMAD RIZWAN does not hold any responsibility of any mistakes and also does not necessarily agree with the content of all the books provided.

This blog is distinguished from other blogs of books because in this blog, I did not only upload the book and picture of the book but also wrote a brief review of the book as well as some information about the writer/author of the book. I have also drawn an information table about the Book Name, Author Name, Book Format, Book Size and Number of pages in a book. Similarly I have also posted the index/contents pages of the book due to which one can easily check that what the book is about? And what are main ideas presented in the book. I try my best to share best information about the book.

I would like to thank Google's Blogger for providing such a great platform. I am hopeful that this platform will prove a lighthouse for the book-lovers and readers. I am improving day by day. I would like to welcome any suggestions from you! Share your thoughts with me for the best service of humanity.

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